Australian Owned

Grid is a 100% Australian owned company incorporated in New South Wales.


Grid holds a Master Licence issued under the provisions of the Security Industry Act 1997.


The directors and principals of Grid are two brothers, Patrick Joseph and Sean Joseph. Patrick Joseph gained his expertise in the security field while serving in the Australian Regular Army in the Military Police branch. Sean Joseph is a solicitor and a C.P.A. Both are full time employees of Grid and have extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of the security industry.


Grid specialises in high quality monitoring services.


Grid was founded in 1976 by Patrick Joseph. Initial work was providing security services to large construction sites.

In the late eighties Grid assisted Westpac Banking Corporation develop a pilot project for the in-house monitoring of twenty branches using data lines.

Grid provided operators to monitor the pilot and subsequently to manage and monitor the full rollout.

Grid providing round the clock operators to monitor the Westpac alarm system for many years.

Grid has continued to develop its expertise in mastering new technology and now has a number of projects underway with clients that are at the "cutting edge" of security technology.

Grade A1 Monitoring Centre

Utilising the expertise gained with Westpac and in advanced monitoring for other clients, in 1994 Grid designed and constructed a monitoring centre for its own use.

The centre is located in a purpose built headquarters that incorporates extensive training facilities.

The centre is a Grade A1 monitoring centre

The security industry regards Grid’s monitoring centre as being at least the equal of any facility in the country.

Grid also monitors a large number of other alarms for a variety of clients. The bulk of the work comprises high quality commercial premises and government departments.

Fire Alarms

In 2000 Grid entered into a joint venture with Romteck Pty Ltd to automatically transmit fire alarms in the state of NSW.

In 2022 Grid's monitoring centre now transmits over 10,000 automatic fire alarm to ACT Fire & Rescue, Fire & Rescue NSW and ESTA for the MFB & CFA in Victoria.


Grid's aim is to always act as a model corporate citizen.

This aim will be achieved by the:

  • pursuit of excellence in all activities
  • provision of the highest level of service to all clients on an on-going basis
  • recognition of the special relationship that must exist between a client and its security provider
  • accessibility of a career path to all employees that enables every employee to develop their potential
  • commitment to keep astride of the latest technology
  • gaining of a fair financial reward by both employees and shareholders
  • enhancement of both the industry's and society's perception of the company


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